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Bali Surf Trip

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Called the “Island of the Gods”, Bali has always been a popular destination for explorers, adventurers and tourists from all over the world but especially a surfer’s paradise. A tropical island that maintains its authenticity and its charm over time. A place full of spirituality that preserves the traditions and the cult of the gods.

The tropical climate with an average temperature of 30 °, the famous surf spots, the charm of the population characterized by their simplicity and courtesy and scents makes the holiday an unforgettable experience!

Located just south of the equator is the perfect place for those who want to do a holiday of surfing, sun, relaxation and fun.

All year round you’ll find the best conditions for all levels, from beginners to the more experienced surfer. Bali, like all tropical islands, is characterized by two seasons, a “dry”, from April to October, and the other “wet”, from November to March. During the “dry” season, there are the biggest ground swell of the year that activates the world famous spots of Bukit on the west side of the island where you can find amazing waves mainly lefthanders. In the “wet” season, all the spots in the east coast like Green Ball, Nusa Dua, Serangan, Sanur and Keramas starts to work really well but you can still find perfect conditions on both coasts of the island throughout the year.

The main surfing area are:

The main sports of this area are Bali tropic, Sri Lanka, Mushrooms, Ewan's left, Nusa Dua and Green ball. The waves are very powerful with tube sections and strong currents especially in spots like Nusa Dua and Green ball. Usually the busiest season is the "wet" which runs from November to March. In some spots it is recommended to use a boat to get on the peak otherwise you have to conserve energy for the current as well as back. In general we recommend the access to these surf spots to intermediate and experienced surfers.

Sanur is located on the eastern side of the island and this area is known for its relaxed atmosphere which is opposed to the case of Kuta. The former fishing village retains much of its charm and continues to attract visitors, mostly from Europe. The most famous spots of this area are Sanur, Tanjung, Serangan, Padang Galak, Ketewel and Kermas (located far to the south of Sanur). The spots near Sanur need swell to work well and if Nusa Dua is too big, you can find perfect right. The locals are very possessive and we want to advise you to go with few people always respecting the basic rules.

This is the most famous area of the island and here are some of the most challenging and spectacular Bali waves. The Bukit includes spots such as Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossible, Bingin, Dreamland and Balangan. It's an area recommended only for experts.

The Kuta & Seminyak area includes mainly beach breaks that offer perfect waves for both beginners and the more experienced. In the Kuta outside there are 4 reef spots (airport left, airport right, middle and kuta reef) with waves accessible to intermediate surfers if there is a small to medium swell. During the winter season (from April to October), the conditions are offshore (offshore wind) and a good swell can hit those reefs creating excellent conditions with sections manoeuvrable and tubes. The beaches of Kuta and Seminyak are located close to the nightlife and to the most touristic part of the island and for this reason the crowding is a constant on the beach or out.

Reached by the motor, Canggu is located about 30 minutes from Kuta. There are a variety of beaches and reef breaks that offer both easy waves, ideal for intermediate, and faster, ideal for manoeuvring and therefore for the more experienced. If there is a medium/large swell, it is recommended only for experts. In general it is quieter than Kuta and there are a lot of "warung" where to eat and to have rest between one session and another.

We want to share our ten years experience with those who want to take a surf trip in Bali by providing all possible tips through which you could save valuable time of your adventure.

What to do when you are not surfing

There are many shops and small boutiques all around Bali, where you can find everything from clothing to wood carvings, silver, silk, spices....all with a really low price. During shopping time the bargaining is part of the game.

In Kuta and Seminyak there are an unlimited number of nightclubs that will invite you to dance until the early hours. You can also find many clubs on the beach where to enjoy a drink and the enchanting beauty of Balinese sunsets.

A Bali holiday without a massage isn’t a complete holiday! Everywhere you will find specialized centres in various types of massages and in any case you can rely to the magical hands of Balinese who are ready to make you relax in Indonesian style.

The "must" of Bali to not miss are Ubud (wood and silver market, the monkey forest and rice fields), the Batur Volcano, Tanah Lot temple on the sea (recommended at sunset with low tide), The Temple of Uluwatu (recommended at sunset to watch the typical Balinese dance called "Kecak"), The temple Pura Ulu Danu temple on lake Bratan and Nusa Dua. All the places mentioned can be reached by renting the motorbike (perfect for Bali) or the car (depending on the period of stay and it is not recommended because of traffic) or with a "Driver" local (ideal for daily trips).


  • Capital : Denpasar
  • Religion : Indùism Balinese
  • Language : Bahasa Indonesia – English
  • Currency : Rupiah (IDR)
  • Area code : +62
  • Time zone : UTC + 08
  • Visa : Valid 30 days


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Jan - Feb Mar - Apr May - Jun Jul - Aug Sep - Oct Nov - Dic
Average swell height 4ft - 5ft 5ft - 6ft 6ft - 8ft 8ft - 10ft 8ft - 10ft 5ft - 6ft
Average outdoor temperature (min - max) 23° - 30° 24° - 30° 24° - 30° 24° - 29° 25° - 29° 25° - 30°
Average water temperature (min - max) 28° - 30° 27° - 29° 27° - 29° 25° - 27° 25° - 27° 26° - 28°
Equipment Board-short Board-short Board-short Wetsuit Jacket 2mm Wetsuit Jacket 2mm Wetsuit Jacket 2mm


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