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Privacy & Cookies Policy

Last updated: 15/02/2015


  1. Introduction
  2. Privacy
  3. Cookie

1. Introduction

By accessing the Surfintrip website or using it, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Privacy&Cookies policy of Surfintrip, as explained below. If you do not accept this policy, please do not access to the website and not use its content.

For Surfintrip your privacy is important, we will protect your personal information provided by you, giving great value and responsible use of such information.

Below you’ll find the information for the use and management of your personal information and how we use cookies.

Surfintrip provides an online booking platform that connects owners of accommodations near to places where you can go surfing and travelers that wishing to rent such accommodations.

Also, Surfintrip offers the opportunity to book surf courses and surf camp directly online thanks to the services of the Surf Academy.

Those Services are accessible on and by any other website through which Surfintrip make available such services and/or through social media.

Surfintrip will update the Privacy&Cookies policy with the date of last update in this document and therefore we invite you to view that date.

Please also take note of the fact that Surfintrip is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies adopted by the websites connected to us and not managed by us, to which our website may link.

2. Privacy

2.1 Management of personal information

Surfintrip collects your information for registration and allow you to take part in the activities you have selected.

Booking is easy as well as listing a property.

If you want to book our services or to list a property, you must register and create a user account or as a host or as a traveler. Once you have signed up you will need to login using your login credentials sent by email and confirm your personal information (for example including name, surname, national tax code, VAT number, e-mail) by completing the profile with other information required to proceed with the use of the platform and related services.

To manage easily your reservations and to access some features of the website (for example, save your settings, leave reviews and manage future bookings) you must create a user account.

The information you provide is aimed to offer our services and, to allow you to manage your reservations in a simpler way, to take advantage of offers, to set your preferences, to share photos and to see the information and/or reviews that you provided about accommodations and destinations.

When you visit, if you not book or not list a property, we may collect some information such as the browser you are using, the data related to the operating system of your computer, your IP address, the version of the application, the settings of the language and the pages you’ve visited. When you make a booking, our system keeps track of where you’ve booked.

Also, we may also collect information about you when you use some services of social media.

Surfintrip uses your personal information to complete and manage your reservation online and to send your details to accommodation recommended by us.

Surfintrip considering the limits of the law will use your information for marketing activities. Once you create your account and / or made a reservation, we will use your information to send you information which relate to the services we offer as (newsletter, offers surf academy, offers surf trip, accommodation offers promotional packages etc ….).

At any time you can stop receiving our newsletter using the “unsubscribe” or through your account.

Sometimes we may contact you via e-mail, mail, telephone or SMS based on the contact information you have shared with us. This could happen for different reasons , for example managing and / or answer a your request, to send you a reminder by e-mail, to send you a question form or an invitation to make a review about your experience with Surfintrip, to provide ways on how to contact in case of need, to send you information which we think might be useful for the organization of your trip or course. We may also send you material related to your current reservations. Surfintrip guarantees you a fast and efficient service, everyday from 9:00 to 18:00 UTC+0 to guarantee a quick answer in case of need and to answer all your questions regarding the booking or the listing of the accommodations.

Thanks to the integration of plug-in social media you can access to Surfintrip and its services through the account that you already own on social media. In this case, the information will be shared with the service provider of social media, and in some cases will also be showed on your profile on social media and shared with other people of your network. Its responsibility of the service provider of social media provide more details on how your information will be used and managed in these cases.

Social media accounts specific of Surfintrip may allow you to share information with Surfintrip. When you sign up through a social media app, we will specify you what information and data will be shared with Surfintrip.

Surfintrip uses your personal information to invite you to make a judgment based on your experience, to be able to share with members of the community.

The mobile version of the Surfintrip website manage your personal information in the same way that this is done for the website. Also, the location service can help you to locate our services nearby. Also, Surfintrip could use your personal information to:

2.2 Sharing of your personal information with third parties

In case of booking accommodation or surf camp, Surfintrip transmit your personal information regarding your reservation to accommodation you booked. In this case, the information transmitted are name, surname, payment details, dates of check-in and check-out and all the preferences specified in the reservation. The same information will be used by Surfintrip to provide also the offers and / or news related to your booking.

In addition, you can manage all internal communications directly with the owner (Host) of the accommodation you have chosen.

In case of booking surf courses, Surfintrip transmit directly your personal information regarding your reservation. In this case, the information transmitted are your name, surname,payment details, dates of check-in and check-out and all the preferences specified in the reservation. The same information will be used by Surfintrip to provide also the offers and / or news related to your booking.

Surfintrip, when required by law or to prevent, detect or prosecute any criminal acts and fraud, we could share your personal information with the police or relevant authorities.

Surfintrip collaborates with Host and Partners around the world to promote the accommodations on our site and to advertise the services related to travel and surf academy. This could result the addition of advertising on our and on their website.

Surfintrip, following the use of our services, will ask you to provide a review on the accommodation and / or destination in general and / or specific services used. You could choose to not associate your name to the review by appearing as an anonymous user or you can use a user name that you can choose through your user account. When you leave a review, you agree that this is displayed (as described in details even in the Terms and Conditions of our services) on the accommodation page on our website, on our social media accounts and the related app, on the property website or on the website of our partners, in order to inform other travelers about the quality of accommodation and services in which you stayed.

You can also evaluate a review of the guest in terms of usefulness, and in this case, your review will be added to that of other users to order and prioritize the review of the guests. We may use the information you share with us about the destinations for help other travelers to find the perfect destination; they will be shared anonymously, unless you have included in your public profile.

3. Cookies


A cookie is a small amount of text or data that is placed in the browser of your computer or your mobile device. This policy on Privacy&Cookies applies to all cookies and similar technologies.

Cookies allow us to recognize you as a unique user that navigate on our website and also allow us to store your choices and/or preferences. Cookies also allow you also to be recognized on your next visit. However, the web pages have no memory, so if you browser from page to page within a website may not be recognized as the same user in each of the pages.

Our website uses the following type of cookies: technical, functional, analytics and commercial.

We use technical cookies, essential for the proper use of the website, to allow you to view our website, to create your account, to log in and manage your reservations or your accommodations.

We use functional cookies to remember your preferences and to help you using our website efficient way (for example by storing the currency, language and research). The functional cookies allow us to add features and improve the user experience.

We use analytics cookies to analyze into how our visitors use the website, to understand what works and what does not, to improve the performance of the website with the goal of always offering a service update and functional. We detect for example the date, the web pages you visit, the pages of output and input, platform type, date and time information and data such as the number of clicks on a given page, mouse movements, scrolling , the search words and texts inserted while using the website. We use a analytics cookies also for the online advertising campaigns, to understand how users interact with our website after viewing an online advertising, including advertising on third party sites. In any case, the data that we get are anonymous. We do not answer the use of analytics cookies of our partners and commercial Host in their websites.

We use our cookies and third part cookies to display customized advertising on our and other websites. Cookies may also be used by commercial third parties to show their products and services on our website.

The duration of our cookies is variable and the maximum, which affects some of our cookies, is 1 year since the last visit to the website. At any time you can delete all cookies from your browser including those

You can find our cookies in the settings of your browser.

Google Analytics is a service of Google Inc. or third party. Please visit the pages dedicated to this service from Google for the terms and conditions.

Through the settings of your browser you can select the preferences of your cookie. If you decide not to accept certain cookies, or use the “Do Not Track” by some browsers, you may not be able to properly use certain features on our website. If you choose to use the opt-out from an a advertising network, that does not mean you will not receive, or that you will not be subject to market analysis and online advertisements. It only means that the network you are excluding not show you more advertising based on your preferences and your online behavior.

In accordance with European laws on the protection of personal information, we observe proper procedures to prevent personal information from being accessed without authorization or used improperly.

To protect and safeguard the personal information you provide to us, we use security procedures and appropriate systems. Access to personal information is allowed only to authorized personnel and can only be made during their work.

The details of your credit card, in cases that these are required for the booking process, are kept for a maximum of 10 days. After this period, the card information will be deleted permanently or stored in encrypted form in our system for fraud detection purposes. In the event that you have chosen to save the data of your credit card in your user account, these will be kept always in encrypted form, but without the last four digits of the credit card. can only access the cookies. To third-party cookies can access the third party.

The services offered by are not intended for children under 18 years or, alternatively, with the consent of a parent or guardian. If we might receive information from a child under age 18, we reserve the right to delete them.

You can check at any time your personal information held by us and you can request them by sending an email to In the email you will need to attach a copy of a valid ID and indicate the subject “Personal Information”. You can also decide to cancel your subscription to our newsletter using the “Unsubscribe” in every newsletter. You can request to update your information, or loss of use, or removal by sending an email to attaching a copy of an identification document. In the event that your personal information are incorrect, we will change them later at your request. Keep in mind that we may need to keep some information, for example for legal or administrative, such as the obligation to retain the documentation, the possibility of legal action or for the detection of fraudulent activities.

If you don’t want to use the services of, you can ask us to stop using your personal information. You can decide to delete your user account at any time by accessing the website of and choosing the removal of the account in the “Settings” page.

Surfintrip is responsible for the management of personal information to the website. Surfintrip is a particular civil company, subject to the laws of Spain and with its registered office at Calle Cangrejo (EL) 16, 35660 Corralejo, Fuerteventura, Oliva (LA) – Palmas (LA).