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WHO is a surf experience company conceived with a view to create unforgettable experiences for surfers by surfers. This is our vision, based on a mix of insane passion and professional experiences gained on this field for over 10 years.

We created an innovative platform of booking on line that connects the surfers and the owners of accommodations located near a surf spots of the world, making simple, immediate and transparent the process of search-find-book for surf trips.

Our base is located in Fuerteventura (Corralejo) where we founded a surf academy that offers basic and advanced courses, surf coaching, surf training, surf guide and surf camp in a suggestive location where the conditions are ideal for both beginners and experienced surfers.

The passion that bring us to this idea is deeply rooted in a sport, surfing,that bring us looking for new spots, new adventures, new cultures wherewith interact and share new friends and, last but not least, the energy generated by the surf experience.


“Create unforgettable experiences for surfers by surfers”

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Sport Sustainability
Nature Fun
Passion Culture
Respect Trust Simplicity

Provide an easy and fast platform focused on the surfing world that facilitates the process of connecting Host-Traveler through a tool that makes immediate the booking action.

Create an unforgettable experience to all those who intend to explore the world of surfing safely and all the surfers who want to improve their skills with those who turn their passion into their work.

Share the experience of co-founders who, driven by an insane passion for surfing, have been traveling around the world searching for the best spots.



Sicilian surfer, determined, traveler, lover of the sea and nature. A degree in economics, a competitive experience in the Italian Surf Tour, a professional background as a management consultant where he performed summit roles in the services field over the past years. Always looking for new travel experiences, he loves to discover wonderful places where to surf and, at the same time, where to know people and cultures. With Surfintrip he turns his passion into his work.

Andrea PIZZO

Sicilian surfer, outgoing, open to change, pragmatic and determined. He spends most of his life traveling far and wide in search of new places and new waves. Living for many years between Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the Canary Islands where he works as a surf instructor, developing new techniques for learning staff and new methods for teaching. Surfintrip represent where, how and why he wants to live this dream.

Area Marketing

Sicilian, dynamic, creative, always on the move and looking for new incentives. Qualifies as a tour operator, a suitcase always ready and a passion for traveling, for the sea and for fashion. After ten years experience in marketing and sales for the family business and after visiting wonderful surf destinations around the world, she decides to change, to broaden her horizons and to start this new adventure. Surfintrip is her dream comes true.

Area Sales

She was born and raised in Sicily developing an intimate passion for the sea. She cultivates her artistic interests such as dancing and singing and professional experience in sales and customer care thanks to her knowledge of languages. Joins the world of surfing thanks to Andrea with many shared experiences related to travel and surf, some of these will prove extremely decisive for this new project that leads her to turn her passion into her work more primitive.